Alwahat Accounts and Internal Audit Services, will identify if there is any material misstatement in the Financial Statement and Report the Authenticity of Financial Statement to concern and evaluate the company’s Internal controls and ascertain the operational /System Risk, we will identify how far companies SOP are adhered by providing compliance Report to the Concern.

Auditing is a critical and analytical examination of the books of accounts, checking and verification of evidence in support of entries appearing in the books of accounts and ascertaining the authenticity of the assertions made in the financial statements. Auditors Examine the financial statement to determine how far management policies and generally acceptable accounting principles are adhered.

Any Business, who takes the decision based on the current financial Statement, is highly recommended to get an Auditing of Financial Statement and Any Business, who need to review the operational flow to get an unbiased report and highlighting Risk, is highly recommended to get an Internal Audit done”

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