Alwahat Accounts and Internal Audit Services, with the experience of Accountants under the supervision of Finance manager we provide time bound accurate Books of Accounts and share the analytical view to the concern to read out the financial books in simple business language.

Bookkeeping involves maintaining a record of all the financial transaction in the company which covers Receipt from customers, payment to suppliers, salary disbursal to employees, encoding OPEX and consumables in the books, and more.

Any Business, who need to see “where they are “need to have a proper Financial Books which need to be maintained regularly, with the Booking Keeping service, we can constantly provide Financial Results to the Business with Business KPI’s”

 In the Book Keeping Services we will start with Purchase Entry, looking at the payable standpoint as per the contractual terms with suppliers and for those firms where the Rebate are deducted from the payable will be reviewed and ensure the Rebate income are booked appropriately, Consign/semi consignment part will be taken care off as per the Contractual terms.

Our Book Keeping Services:

We provide Book Keeping services in following ERP Software

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