In short Feasibility Study will give a result whether the project worth the investment, if in case project is not doable Business Investor will get initial project idea, for the development of the Feasibility study.

We Al Wahat Accounts and Internal Audit services, our Business Analyst Team will closely work with the Business stakeholders and use all the methodology to   drill the result by looking NBV, IRR, ROI etc.….

Main themes of Feasibility Study:

  1. Technical capability:Does the organization have the technical resources to undertake the project?
  2. Budget:Does the organization have the financial resources to undertake the project, and is the cost/benefit analysis sufficient to warrant moving forward?
  3. Legality:What are the legal requirements of the project, and can the business meet them?
  4. Risk:What is the risk associated with undertaking this project? Is the risk worthwhile to the company based on perceived benefits?
  5. Operational feasibility:Does the project, in its proposed scope, meet the organization’s needs by solving problems and/or taking advantage of identified opportunities?
  6. Time: Can the project be completed in a reasonable timeline?

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