Know About VAT Registration


Any business whose turnover exceeds AED 375,000 they are mandatory for VAT registration, if any business whose turnover exceeds AED187,500 they are optional for VAT registration. Once the business has registered for VAT in the UAE, you are required to file your VAT return and make related VAT payment within 28 days from the end of your tax period.


A business must register for VAT if the turnover exceeds the mandatory registration threshold of AED375,000 and a business may choose to register for VAT voluntarily where the value of turnover is in excess of AED187,500.

For registering VAT, one must create an E-service account through Federal Tax Authority portal and log in by using the username and password, on log in to E-service account click on “register for VAT” button and fill all the mandatory fields and submit required documents.

Federal Tax Authority asks you to provide following information listed in table below:

1)      About the applicant

·         Trade license

·         Mandatory or voluntary registration

2)      Details of the company/business

·         Name of the applicant: if you have UAE trade license you will find your legal name listed in the license as ‘business name’ or ‘company name’

·         Legal name of the entity/company in English and Arabic.

·         Trade name of the entity/company in English and Arabic

3)      Identification of the applicant

·         Select the name of the authority that issued the trade license (from drop down list)

·         Trade license number

·         Trade license expiry date

·         Upload scanned copy of trade license

·         Save the details

·         Add owner details: this should include information about each and every owner & partner

·         Upload a copy of certificate of incorporation: it is a legal proof of the identity of your company

NOTE: in some limited situation whereby, you have neither UAE trade license nor a certificate of incorporation you should upload any other relevant supporting documents you may have such as,

·         Articles of association

·         Partnership agreement

·         Similar documents which show ownership information of the business/company

·         Scanned copy of Emirates ID/Passport of the owner

And it is not mandatory for business to upload extra information if you have already provided valid UAE trade license and certificate of incorporation.

4)      Details of the manager of the business/company

·         Enter name of the manager in English and Arabic

5)      Contact details of the applicant

·         Building name and number

·         Street address

·         Area

·         City

·         P.O box

·         Emirate

·         Phone country code & phone number

·         Mobile country code & mobile number

·         Email address

·         Preferred language of communication

6)      Bank details of the applicant

·         Bank name IBAN: this must be an account held with a bank established in the UAE, the account name must match the legal name of the entity you are registering with the Federal Tax Authority.

7)      Business relationship of the applicant

v  Senior management relationships

·         Provide details if you are currently involved in other business resident in the UAE either individual or partner in the past 5 years

v  Partner/Director details

·         Name of the partner/Director

·         Details of the business they are involved in

·         Enter the legal name of the business

·         Provide ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the question ‘is the business still trading’: FTA may request evidence for supporting the answer.

·         Enter TRN (if available)

·         Upload scanned copies of trade license

·         Save.

8)      About the VAT registration

v  Business activities of the applicant

·         Select company primary activities from the drop-down list

·         Add any other activities from the drop-down list

·         Actual or estimated financial transaction value for the past 12 months

·         Upload scanned copy of documentary proof such as (self-prepared calculation sheet, revenue forecast, invoices, LPOs)

·         Expected turnover in the next 30 days

·         Actual or estimated expenses subject to VAT for the last 12 months

·         Upload scanned copy of documentary proof such as (audit report or expense budget report)

·         Expected expenses subject to VAT in the next 30 days

·         Does the business have supplier which is exempted from VAT such as selling of bare land or certain financial services


v  Imports and exports: select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for following questions

·         Does business imports goods or services from abroad or from other GCC activities

·         Does business exports goods or services to overseas or to other GCC countries

            If the answer is ‘Yes’ provide details for following:

·         Select the name of the GCC state

·         Enter TRN number (if available)

·         Estimated value of imports/exports

·         Custom registration information (if available)

·         Emirate in which you have custom registration

·         Upload scanned copy of custom number issued by customs authority

NOTE: apply for exemption from VAT registration if you ‘only make’ zero rated supplies such as exports, certain health care services, certain educational services.

But you are not eligible for exception from VAT registration if you make zero rated supplies along with standard rated supplies (5%)

9)      Declaration

v  Provide details of authorized signatory

·         Job tittle

·         Name in English and Arabic

·         Proof of authorization such as power of attorney

·         Preferred channel of communication: E-mail or telephone

·         Preferred language of communication

Once you have provided all the details which Federal Tax Authority has asked you can submit for approval

Review the progress: drafted/pending/issued/suspended/rejected/approved.

·         Drafted: means the registration from has not been completed or submitted by the applicant.

·         Pending: means the registration form has been received by FTA and is under processing or that FTA is awaiting further information from you.

·         Issued: means FTA have provided to you a tax identification number (TIN) confirmation of your exception from VAT. The TIN for confirmation of VAT exception from VAT will be suffixed with letter ’XC’.

·         Suspended: means your registration form for VAT has been suspended by FTA.

·         Rejected: means the registration form has been rejected by FTA.

·         Approved: means the registration form has been approved by FTA.


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