VAT Return is generally paid quarterly and, in some cases, monthly. VAT Filing will be done on FTA official Portal.

It is very Important to do the VAT Filing on Time, any omission /Missing /Mistake will lead to Penalty.

Once the Filing is done, In the Total Column the submission result will be reflected.

VAT Return Form 8. Total

Positive Amount: Payable to FTA

Negative Amount: Receivable from FTA

Zero Amount: Nil Status

Note: In case there is no taxable supply during any of the VAT submission period, it is mandatory to do the VAT Filing as Nil Submission.

VAT Return filing need to be done with Utmost care, Alwahat Account and Internal Audit Services a professional service in the filed of Accounts & Auditing know the importance and our Qualified Professionals will guide you in VAT Filing with fully complied with the FTA Regulation.

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