Credit Sales Service in UAE.

We understand the significance of credit sales in your business operations & the importance of effectively managing accounts receivable. Our credit sales services are tailored to track and manage credit sales, ensuring timely collection of outstanding customer balances and maintaining a healthy cash flow.

  • Credit Sales Recording: We meticulously record all credit sales transactions, capturing essential details such as the sales date, customer information, credit terms, invoice numbers, and the total amount due.

  • Credit Terms and Conditions: We work with you to establish appropriate credit terms and conditions for your customers, helping you strike the right balance between competitive sales practices and ensuring timely payment.

  • Timely Invoicing: We ensure that invoices for credit sales are issued promptly and accurately, providing clear payment terms and instructions to customers.

  • Payment Reminders and Follow-ups: Our team actively follows up with customers to remind them of upcoming or overdue payments. We facilitate effective communication to address any payment issues or concerns promptly.

  • Collections Management: We maintain a systematic approach to collections, ensuring that overdue balances are tracked, and customers are contacted in a professional and courteous manner to expedite payments.

  • Credit Analysis: We conduct credit analysis for customers to assess their creditworthiness, assisting you in making informed decisions about extending credit to new or existing customers.

  • Aging Reports: We provide regular aging reports to give you a clear overview of outstanding customer balances, helping you prioritize collections efforts.

  • Cash Flow Management: By efficiently managing credit sales and collections, we contribute to maintaining a healthy cash flow for your business.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to streamlining your credit sales processes, optimizing collections, and fostering strong relationships with your customers. By effectively managing accounts receivable, we help you improve cash flow and overall financial performance. Partner with Al-Wahat Accounts and Internal Audit Services to benefit from our expertise in credit sales management and ensure timely collection of outstanding customer balances.

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