VAT Refund in UAE.

If your business in the UAE is eligible for a VAT refund, we Al-Wahat Accounts & Internal Audits are here to provide you with all-encompassing assistance throughout the refund process.

Our team of experts will carefully evaluate your business's eligibility for a VAT refund by closely examining the specific criteria outlined by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). We'll assess your input tax credits and zero-rated supplies to ensure they align with the FTA's requirements.

We recognize the importance of having proper documentation to substantiate your VAT refund claim. Our team will guide you in gathering all the necessary paperwork, including VAT invoices, customs declarations, export documentation, and any other records mandated by the FTA. We'll ensure that your documentation is not only complete but also accurate and compliant with the FTA's standards.

Our experts will provide invaluable assistance in accurately completing the VAT refund application, following the FTA's guidelines meticulously. We'll make sure that all requisite information, such as your business details, tax registration number (TRN), refund period, and supporting documentation, is included. By adhering to the FTA's guidelines, we aim to enhance the likelihood of a successful refund application.

As your trusted partner, we'll act as your intermediary with the FTA throughout the VAT refund process. Our team will proactively monitor the progress of your refund application, ensuring that it's processed within the expected timeframe. We'll manage all communication with the FTA, handling any queries or requests for additional information on your behalf. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and efficient refund process, minimizing any potential delays or complications.

Our dedicated team will closely oversee the refund process to ensure that your application is handled promptly by the FTA. We'll keep you informed of any updates or progress regarding your refund application, providing regular status updates throughout the process. Our commitment is to ensure that your VAT refund is processed within the specified timeframe, ultimately optimizing your cash flow and financial management.

Leveraging our expertise, we'll help you optimize your VAT position and identify opportunities to maximize your VAT refunds. Our team will scrutinize your business activities and transactions, identifying all eligible refundable amounts. This includes a thorough analysis of your input tax credits and zero-rated supplies, ensuring that you're making the most of available refund opportunities.

Our comprehensive approach to VAT refunds is designed to ensure that you receive the refunds you're entitled to while minimizing any potential delays or complications. We understand the critical importance of VAT refunds for your business's cash flow and overall financial management.

If you believe your business is eligible for a VAT refund or if you have any quries about the process, we invite you to reach out to us. The Al-Wahat Accounts and Internal Audit Services team is fully prepared to offer you expert guidance and support in securing the VAT refunds you rightfully deserve.

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