Can a business claim for Excise Tax Refund?

Excise tax is a significant component of a country's tax system, typically levied at the initial stage of the supply chain. This means that businesses dealing with excise goods often find themselves ineligible for tax refunds. However, there are specific scenarios in which businesses can claim a refund for excise tax.

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a woman in a headscarf with a blue background and a checkered check
a woman in a headscarf with a blue background and a checkered check

Let's explore these scenarios and shed light on how excise tax refunds work:

1. Exported Goods:
  • One of the primary scenarios that allow for excise tax refunds is the export of excisable goods. When businesses export such goods, the excise tax previously paid on these items can be subject to a refund.

2. Error in Payments:

Mistakes can happen in any business, and sometimes, amounts are inadvertently paid to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). In such cases, businesses have the opportunity to claim a refund for these specific amounts.

3. Goods Becoming Components:
  • Another scenario for claiming a refund involves the use of excisable goods as components in the production of other excisable goods. If excise tax has already been paid on the original goods, a refund can be sought for the tax paid.

However, it's crucial to note that once new excise goods are produced using the original excisable goods, excise tax becomes due on these newly created items. Let's illustrate this concept:


ABC Co. imports raw tobacco and pays excise tax amounting to AED 2,000.

Subsequently, ABC Co. uses this imported tobacco to manufacture cigarettes, incurring an additional excise tax of AED 4,000.

In this case, since ABC Co. already paid excise tax on the raw tobacco, they can claim a refund of AED 2,000 (4,000 - 2,000).

However, if ABC Co. imports raw tobacco and pays excise tax of AED 2,000, and this tobacco is then used by XYZ Co. to produce cigarettes (considered new excise goods), and XYZ Co. pays AED 3,000 in excise tax, XYZ Co. cannot claim a refund.

It's important to understand that excise tax calculations are typically based on the retail selling price.

In these specific scenarios, businesses registered for excise tax in the UAE have the opportunity to receive a refund for excise tax paid. The refunded amount will be deducted from the tax due in the next excise tax return period.

Seek Professional Guidance:

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Remember that tax laws and regulations can change, so it's crucial to verify the current guidelines with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

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