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Value Added Tax (VAT) is a big part of how money operates in the United Arab Emirates. It was Introduced on January 1, 2018, and it means when you buy things or use services, there's an extra 5 per cent tax added. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries all agreed to have this tax. It's important because it brings in extra money for the region, especially when oil prices can be uncertain. The money from VAT is meant to make public services better, encourage careful spending, and lessen the government's dependence on income from oil and hydrocarbons.

If you need help with VAT in the UAE, our team at Al-Wahat Accounts and Internal Audits has experts all over the UAE. We offer various services for VAT, like getting you registered, helping with taxes, and giving advice. Since VAT changed how taxes work in the UAE, it's really important for businesses to get the right VAT help. Our services not only help businesses save money on taxes but also keep your VAT records accurate, so we follow the rules.

Basically, VAT in the UAE is a way to get money from different places, make public services better, and not rely too much on oil money. Businesses can get our help to understand and follow these rules properly, making sure your money and taxes are right.

VAT Registration

We assist businesses in smoothly navigating the VAT registration process, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met, and facilitating compliance with VAT regulations.

VAT Return Filing

Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of VAT return filing. We will meticulously prepare and file your VAT returns, ensuring accuracy and adherence to deadlines.

VAT Refund

If you are eligible for a VAT refund due to excess input tax credits or zero-rated supplies, we will guide you through the refund process, ensuring that you receive the refunds you are entitled to.

VAT Consultancy

We provide expert advice and guidance on all matters related to VAT. Whether you need assistance with understanding VAT regulations, compliance requirements or specific VAT scenarios.

VAT Auditing

We help you identify and rectify any potential errors or discrepancies in your VAT-related processes. Our audits ensure compliance with VAT regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties or legal complications.

VAT Reconsideration

Should you disagree with a VAT decision made by the tax authorities, our team can assist you in reviewing and challenging the decision through appropriate channels, ensuring your rights are protected.

Importance of VAT Services for Businesses

In the business world, Value Added Tax (VAT) is really important, and businesses need to pay close attention to it. Following VAT rules is crucial to avoid getting in trouble with penalties and fines. VAT services are important because they help businesses keep track of their invoices, expenses, and transactions accurately. Being accurate is essential for filing VAT returns on time and without mistakes.

One of the fundamental requirements for VAT compliance is maintaining precise accounting records. VAT services help businesses establish robust accounting systems that align with VAT rules and guidelines.

Engaging a trustworthy and experienced VAT consultant is invaluable for businesses. These consultants offer expert guidance on various VAT-related matters, such as proper accounting practices, VAT registration, deregistration, and other aspects of VAT implementation.

VAT services also assist businesses in preparing and submitting their VAT returns promptly, eliminating any delays or non-compliance issues.

A competent VAT consultant can delve into a business's financial data and provide insights that lead to improved performance and efficiency.

Moreover, VAT services streamline VAT-related processes, reducing the administrative burden on businesses. This efficiency allows companies to focus more on their core operations.

For businesses lacking internal capabilities and resources for VAT implementation, outsourcing accounting services, including VAT-related tasks, can be a cost-effective solution. It ensures that VAT requirements are met without straining the organization's resources.

How can VAT services help you grow your business in UAE?

  • Ensure accurate and error-free tax return filing, minimizing the risk of facing penalties or audits due to incorrect information.

  • Businesses claim back the input tax they have paid on their purchases, which can result in significant cost savings and improved cash flow.

  • Valuable guidance on adhering to VAT regulations, helping businesses avoid costly fines and penalties.

  • Assist in maintaining accurate books of accounts for the required five-year period, which is essential for audit purposes and overall financial management.

  • Conduct tax audits to identify and rectify any potential material misstatements, ensuring the company's financial health and compliance.

  • Businesses informed about the latest updates in VAT laws and their implications on accounting practices, enabling proactive planning and compliance.

  • Guidelines on the preparation of invoices for sales, ensuring businesses meet the necessary VAT requirements in their transactions.

VAT Registration Process

The VAT registration process in the UAE depends on the annual taxable supplies and imports made by a business.

  • Mandatory Registration: Businesses must register for VAT if their taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 375,000 per annum. This threshold is applicable to businesses operating within the UAE. Foreign organizations, however, do not have this threshold and must register for VAT regardless of their turnover.

  • Voluntary Registration: Businesses can choose to register for VAT voluntarily if their taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 187,500 per annum. This option allows businesses that fall below the mandatory threshold to register for VAT voluntarily, providing them with the benefits of VAT compliance.

It is important for businesses to monitor their taxable supplies and imports to determine if they meet the mandatory or voluntary registration thresholds. Once the threshold is met, businesses should promptly register for VAT to comply with the UAE's tax regulations.

How to Register for VAT?

To register for VAT in the UAE, businesses follow these steps:

  • Go to the e-Services portal on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website.

  • Either make a new account or log in to your existing one.

  • Access the VAT registration form and fill in the necessary information, including your business details, financial data, and contact information.

  • Submit the completed registration form online.

How to File VAT Return in UAE?

To file a VAT return in the UAE, businesses need to follow these steps:

Access the FTA portal at ''

Fill in the VAT Return Form 201, providing the necessary details, including particulars of the taxable person, the period of VAT return, VAT on expenses and all other inputs, VAT on sales and all other outputs, and net VAT due.

Complete any added reporting requirements and include the certified signatory information.

Benefits of filing VAT return:

VAT compliance improves the business's reputation and goodwill.

VAT registration fosters better collaboration with other VAT-registered companies.

VAT registration highlights the business's credibility and seriousness in the market.

VAT is generally easier to administer compared to other indirect taxes.

Businesses are required to file VAT returns based on the standard tax period:

  • Quarterly for businesses with an annual turnover below AED 150 million

  • Monthly for businesses with an annual turnover of AED 150 million or more

The FTA may allocate a different tax period for specific types of businesses at its discretion.

The VAT assessment is calculated by subtracting the input tax (VAT paid on purchases) from the output tax (VAT collected on sales).

VAT = Output Tax – Input Tax

We are recognized as a leading platform, serving both startups and established businesses across the Emirates. Additionally, We provides other services such as Accounting & Bookkeeping, Accounts Outsourcing, and Internal Auditing for businesses in the UAE. Compliance with VAT regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and maintain a positive business reputation.

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