Specialized Service in UAE.

We offer specialized services in the UAE. We're an experienced and trusted partner in helping businesses in the UAE meet their compliance requirements and achieve sustainable growth.

At Al-Wahat Accounts and Internal Audits, our deep understanding of the rules and regulations, and our commitment to keeping our clients informed about all the necessary requirements from the relevant authorities. We works closely to make sure your business stays compliant, avoiding any potential penalties or legal issues.


We offer complete guidance and support throughout the entire process of understanding, complying with, and meeting the reporting & compliance obligations of the Economic Substance Regulations (ESR).


We help accurately identify and document the ultimate beneficial owners of your company, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations to prevent money laundering and illicit activities.


Our goAML expertise enables us to assist you in implementing and effectively utilizing this powerful tool for AML and CTF purposes, ensuring compliance with regulations and reporting suspicious transactions.


Our dedicated customs services provide guidance on procedures, import/export documentation, duty calculations & compliance with customs regulations, ensuring a smooth customs process for your business.

Company Formation

We support your company setup in the UAE by providing guidance on legal requirements, assisting with documentation, liaising with authorities, and ensuring compliance with company formation regulations.

We understand the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses faceing. By partnering with us, you can delegate critical tasks like setting up your business and related services, allowing you to concentrate fully on the core operations of your business.

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